The Twin

Author Richardson gives the reader a close up look at the last years of Christ’s ministry, and his life here on earth.  Looking over the shoulder of Thomas, often called the Twin, the reader explores how each of the apostles saw and understood Jesus and why some of them were along for the ride, some for what they would gain and some for the hope of what would come.  Here, the author shows us Matthew the tax collector and Judas, the betrayer.  Along the way, you will meet Zacchaeus and Lazarus, Jesus’s friend.  As the band of brothers move closer and closer to Jerusalem and the eventual death of their friend, their visions change.  This is an enlightening approach to who Jesus was and how he was perceived by each of the twelve.  Thomas is the narrator and interpreter for many of the others.  Thomas just wants it to all make sense.

Author: Donald Richardson

ISBN: 978-1-4908-2100-9

West Bow Press

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The Last Telegram by Liz Trenow

Rarely does a novelist accomplish sharing an intriguing story and teaching the reader at the same time.  Ms. Trenow has accomplished that and so much more.  The story of Lily Verner is encapsulated in the story of World War II and in the story of the craft of weaving raw silk into beautiful patterns and designs.  Lily Verner comes from a long line of silk producers, most recently her father.  When we first meet her, she is preparing for college as she faces her final days in high school.  The scents of dissension among the military powers that surround her home in the British countryside have now reached her living room.  When her father refuses to let her pursue her college studies because of the unrest, she vows to work in the silk mill until she can achieve some marketable skills and pursue her studies on her own.  Lily cannot possibly forsee the ties that she will develop in the noise and smells, and textures, of the silk process.  This is a story of faithfulness, guilt and love that will grab you in the first chapter and not let you go until the last page.

Publisher Source Books, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4022-7945-4  $14.99

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